The Princ of Adriatic - Perast


The time has come for us all to rush somewhere, to endure daily stress, to run for money, jobs, careers. And in such daily routines, we are increasingly thinking about where to go, where to rest, breathe with our full lungs, escape from obligations and problems.
If you really want peace, if you are looking for a place to relax and gather energy, the choice is easy.

Twelve kilometers from Kotor, in direction to Risan, just behind the pine forest, at the foot of St. Elijah Hill, there is the old captain and noble town, Prince of the Adriatic and Captain of the Bay, once to be mighty Perast.

Perast is first and foremost a maritime city. In 1336, a shipyard was built, which operated until 1813. Thanks to seafaring, it also experienced the greatest boom in the 17th and 18th centuries when ships of this city sailed the world's seas.
Just like the entire Boka Kotorska region, Perast is characterized by a long history dating back to the Neolithic, even 3,500 BC.

This captain's town was named Perastum in 1326. Many travel writers called Perast Prince of the Adriatic due to its pride and dignity, beautiful palaces built in the baron's spirit. Each stone built into the palaces of Perast is history itself.

There are three busts of three famous Perastans in the small square, simply called “Pjaca”: Captain Marko Martinovic, painter Trip Kokolj and Matija Zmajevic.

Throughout history, many conquerors have wished to conquer Perast. Starting with the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Republic, France and Austria, they all left a significant mark on this beautiful place. Walking through the city you will feel different spirits of the past. It is a witness to many battles, an accomplice to many wars, a city of happy, passionate and tragic loves.

What makes Perast unique and sets it apart from other cities is its architecture. It got its present appearance in the 17th and 18th centuries with the most beautiful examples of Baroque style in the entire Adriatic. Some say that in architecture it resembled Venice, with a population of 3,000, 56 naval captains and 12 noble families.

Perast has only one street that extends by the sea. From that street staircases rise and lead into more parts of the city to the beautiful stone family houses, which, with their charm, attract the views of travellers and entice us to peek into their yards.

Although small, with only 350 inhabitants, 18 churches and 19 palaces have found their place there. The symbol of the city, of course, is St. Nicholas Church with its impressive 55-meter-high bell tower that proudly rises above the city. Unfortunately, due to lack of money, it was never completed.

From the shore of the city there is an incredible view of the Lady of the Rocks. The famous artificial islandfirst appeared by locating the underwater rock, throwing rocks and sinking ships on it. It also houses the church of the same name, which was built at the very spot where, on July 22, 1452 - according to legend - the sailors thought to see the Virgin.
On this day, every year the locals sail boats to the island, carrying new stones.

The church was painted by Baroque painter Tripo Kokolja and is adorned with 2000 silver plates. They were donated by seafarers in gratitude to God for keeping them safe during the voyages. Also, here is the most famous and valuable tapestry which was embroided by Jacinta Kunic, waiting for her love to return from boat for full 25 years.She decorated her own symbol of love with her own hair. It can be seen that the hair in the tapestry gradually grew lighter until it was completely gray.

Perast is an extremely peaceful city today. With its beauty it attracts numerous tourists who expect an unforgettable experience.

Just two kilometers from Perast, there is the shortest river in the world - Sopot near Risan. The water comes out of the cave, like from some strong cannon, and after about ten seconds ends up in the sea. Sopot is not always active. There is water sometimes, mostly in the winter.

If you really want peace, if you are looking for a place to relax and gather energy, the choice is easy.